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Standard Solutions

Onze Standaard oplossingen

Wij hebben twee platforms ontwikkelt om een groeiende groep klanten bij te staan met specifieke niche software.



The easy-to-use Maritime Agency Software

Cloud-Crewing biedt een all-in-one platform voor medewerker planning, subcontracting en payrolling

Get aboard and ride the wave

Wij hebben ons Cloud-Crewing systeem in 2 slimme modules opgesplitst, zodat u enkel betaald voor wat u nodig heeft.

Om een idee te krijgen

…….. and much more!

Auto generate all your documents

Let our system generate PDF contracts, agreements, invoices and payslips with a lay-out of your choice. No more manually changing master documents, making typos or calculating wrong numbers by hand! All securely saved in our system and able to view and download at any time.

Directly integrate with Google Drive

Activate the Google Drive cloud integration to automatically save all uploaded and generated documents (Hr documents, invoices, payslips, agreements, ..) in structurered folders on a google Drive you can share with your team.

Email integration with customizable templates

Enjoy our email integration and directly communicate with you clients and employees from our system. For each type of email there are customizable email templates, to send the dynamically created PDF attachments (invoices, agreements, payslips, …..) with a message of choice.

Integrations and technology


Franking management software for courier services

Manage your clients, couriers, routes and invoices for mail/parcel pick-up and Franking services

A tool designed to fit the service.

In collaboration with the bikecourier service TourdeVille in Eindhoven (NL) we developed a tool to support a new service, “Franking”. There are lots of businesses and institutions sending huge amounts of letters and parcels every week. Using a “franking service” offers them a simple solution to save time and money. Our Frankeerapp offers courier services the platform to manage this business process effortlessly.

This service means that a (bike) courier picks up unfranked parcels and letters from clients, takes care of the whole franking process, makes sure the post pieces find their way, and sends the clients a weekly/monthly invoice with the total costs.

The Courier service charges the clients depending on the amount, weight and destination of the pieces. A part of the pieces is often local and can be delivered with their own resources, another part will be shipped through third parties. Because of the high volume they can negotiate better pricing with third party mail/shipping companies, resulting in an interesting profit margin.

Firstly the client can save a lot of time on franking each item themselves. Secondly they can benefit from attractive prices (often less than the do-it-yourself franking price). Thirdly the client does not need to keep track of all the separate shipping receipts/expenses, as they will get one invoice each week/month for all “franked” parcels and letters. 

Core functionalities

…….. and much more!

Our trusted partners and technologies of choice

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