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Custom Software

Web Applications & Platforms

Sometimes standard software packages simply won’t cut it.

We develop smart web applications and platforms for companies in need of solid solutions, fully dedicated to their specific business processes.


A solution to fit your needs

Let us help you speed-up, improve and stabilize processes, automate repetitive tasks and free up hands to add value to your business. Are we developing a new digital product or optimizing existing processes? Let our experienced team help you decide what solution would fit your case.

The foundation of your Business

We help you rapidly develop your innovative online business and SaaS platforms. For start-ups, scale-ups or within your corporate environment.

Custom software too expensive for a small business?

No, we mainly focus on small and medium sized business. Our experience is that these firms have a lot of “low hanging fruit”. Simple software can result in huge benefits.

How we work

Co-create with the enduser

We develop our software in close contact with the end-user to make sure we create value adding functionalities in user friendly interfaces. This  ensures user-acceptance and understanding of the product.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

A PWA combines all the advantages of an app and a website into one solution. Our webapps behave like true apps on mobile devices without the costs of having dedicated Android/ iOS Development .

A lean start-up

We don’t build castles. We first develop a MVP (Minimum Viable Product). We then improve the product with small quick updates based on what we learn on the go in close collaboration with our customers.

Batteries included

We deliver our applications standard with secure User Logon and an Admin back-end where users and permissions can be managed. We also provide the hosting, domain registration, back-ups and if needed cloud storage space for all your files.

Always up-to-date SaaS

We offer our Frameworks as a SaaS (Software as a Service). This means low development costs and a monthly fee for using the platforms depending on the size of our userbase. During the contract-term we will keep improving the functionalities and update the security of the package.

Fast & reliable coding

We don’t like to reinvent the wheel. For developing our applications we make use of smart building blocks and well tested function modules. Our apps are build with Django, the most powerful and secure python framework for rapid webapp development.

Our trusted partners and technologies of choice