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Founded by adventurer

Addicted to challanges & technology


We are a small Dutch/German software company.

We are located in Düsseldorf (DE) and Zwijndrecht (NL).

You can reach us by sending an email to

Fanmail to Mitch IT BV, Maasboulevard 176, 3331ML, Zwijndrecht, NL

Flowers to Mitch IT, Birkenstrasse 22, 40233, Düsseldorf, DE

Our team

Young, ambitious and open-minded

We work as a small core of young managers/developers together with a vast network of local freelancers in flex-offices to balance out our workforce with our workload. Our teams’ age averages 30, which brings a lot of fresh ideas and modern thinking to the table. Together we have decades of experience in supply chain/process optimizing, software development and software implementations.

Our Mission

Let people be productive again, instead of busy.

Our mission is to free people of unnecessary, manual and repetitive work, and enable those hands to bring true value to your organization. Simple software can bring a lot of structure, stability and insights in your companies processes. With modern techniques, tailor-made and safe solutions are more affordable than ever.

Joint Start-up

You have a good idea for which you need a lot of custom made software, but you miss the skills to build it? Share it with us in a disclosed pitch and maybe we can work on it together.

Pro bono

If your good cause is in need of some custom software or software advice, simply reach out to us. Call us millennials, but creating something cool is much more exciting than simply working for a pay check.